Design and Testing

One of UPI's greatest strengths is our ability to design and test the most cost effective packaging solutions for your products prior to production. UPI employs full-time Packaging/Design Engineers that work to ensure that your products arrive at the end user in the same condition as they were when taken off your production line. Our Engineers will generate design specifications for your packaging using Autocad CAD software.

In addition, UPI can work with you to develop specific testing procedures to duplicate “real world” shipping conditions. UPI will design a workable packaging solution to eliminate the problems.

Once the package is designed for your product, our design group will help you implement the use of the pack on your production lines. From setting up the line, to tooling and training, UPI will be there to assist you.

With help from Certified third party testing labs, UPI can perform the following test procedures to help gauge package structural integrity:

Compression Testing

Capable of single or multi-high package stack testing, static load testing and compression to failure, along with computer generated graphing of deflection at load points. The machine is also used for "racking" or corner-to-corner shear strength of the package. These tests are particularly useful in determining warehouse stack height and the pack's ability to withstand lateral racking forces in multi-stack handling and shipment, putting your damage concerns to rest.

Incline Impact Testing

Simulates rail car coupling and violent side and end impacts. UPI tests packaging designs with the customers product inside in order to ensure that the product will not be damaged when accidentally dropped or from side impact.

Rotary Motion or Vertical Linear Vibration Testing

Used to simulate bottom impact and shaking of the packaged product. This test is performed on single packaged units as well as units stacked two and three high to verify package integrity both while being handled in the warehouse as well as during transit. This helps to ensure the customers product reaches the end user in the same condition as it left the manufacturing line.

Temperature and Humidity Chamber

Conditions the package(s) to allow testing at standard or high humidity conditions as required by A.S.T.M. or ISTA.